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Mr. Narayanaswamy First Rank in State in Secondary School Examination First Rank in University in Plus Two First Rank in IIT Entrance Examination First Rank in All India IIT Computer Science First Rank in IAS Entrance Examination First Rank in IAS Training Institute

Mr. Narayanaswamy

First Rank in State in Secondary School Examination
First Rank in University in Plus Two
First Rank in IIT Entrance Examination
First Rank in All India IIT Computer Science
First Rank in IAS Entrance Examination
First Rank in IAS Training Institute

On passing out from IIT Chennai Mr. Narayanaswamy was offered scholarship by the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology , USA .. He who came from a middle class family believed that he had a moral obligation to give something in return for the lakhs of rupees the government spent on him as an IIT student. He had the intelligence and conviction to realize that this money came also from the poorest of the poor - who pay up the excise duty on textiles when they buy cloth, who pay up customs, excise and sales tax on diesel when they travel in a bus, and in numerous other ways indirectly pay the government. So he decided to join IAS hoping he could do something for the people of this country. How many young men have the will power to resist such an offer from USA ? Narayanaswamy did never look at IAS as a black money spinner as his later life bears testimony to this fact.

After a decade of meritorious service in IAS, today, Narayanaswamy is being forced out of the IAS profession. Do you know why?

A real estate agent wanted to fill up a paddy field which is banned under law. An application came up before Narayanaswamy who was sub collector the, for an exemption from this rule for this plot of land. Upon visiting the site he found that the complaint from 60 poor families that they will face water logging due to the waste water from a nearby Government Medical College if this paddy field was filled up was correct. Narayanswamy came under intense political pressure but he did what was right - refused permission for filling up the paddy field. That was his first confrontation with politicians.

Soon after his marriage his father-in-law closed down a public road to build compound wall for his plot of land. People approached Narayanaswamy with complaint.

When talking with his own father-in-law did not help, he removed the obstructing wall with police help. The result, his marriage broke up.

As district Collector he raided the house of a liquor baron who had defaulted Rupees 11 crores payment to government and carried out revenue recovery. A Minister directly telephoned him and ordered to return the forfeited articles to the house of the liquor baron. Narayanswamy politely replied that it is difficult. The minister replied that Narayanaswamy will suffer.

In his district it was a practice to collect crores of rupees for earthen bunds meant for poor farmers, but which were never constructed. A bill for rupees 8 crores came up before Narayanaswamy. He inspected the bund. He found it very weak and said that he will pass the bill after the rainy season to ensure that the bund served the purpose. As expected the earthen bund was too weak to stand the rain and it disappeared in the rain. But he created a lot of enemies for saving 8 crores public money. The net result of all such unholy activities was that he was asked to go on leave by the government. Later such an illustrious officer was posted as "State Co-Ordinator, Quality Improvement Programme for Schools". This is what the politician will do to a honest officer with backbone - post him in the most powerless position to teach him a lesson. Since he found that nothing can be achieved for the people if he continued with the State Service he opted for central service. But that too was denied on some technical ground.

What will you do when you have a brilliant computer career anywhere in the world you choose with the backing of several advanced technical papers too published in international journals to your credit?

When you are powerless to do anything for the people, why should you waste your life as the Co-Ordinator for a Schools Programme?

Mr. Narayanaswamy is on the verge of leaving IAS to go to Paris to take up a well paid United Nations assignment. The politicians can laugh thinking another obstacle has been removed. But it is the helpless people of this country who will lose - not Narayanaswamy. But you have the power to support capable and honest bureaucra ts like Narayaswamy, G.R.Khairnar and Alphons Kannamthanam who have suffered a lot under self seeking politicians who rule us. You have even the power to replace such politicians with these kind of people dedicated to the country. The question is will you do the little you can do NOW? At least a vote or word in support of such personalities?

Constituency of Cabinet ministers

Constituency of Cabinet ministers

1 Narendra Modi- Vadodara- (Gujarat) , (Banaras UP)

2 Rajnath Singh- Lucknow -(Uttar Pradesh)

3 Arun Jaitley- RajyaSabha- (Gujarat)

4 Sushma Swaraj -Vidisha- (Madhya Pradesh)

5 Nitin Gadkari -Nagpur- (Maharashtra)

6 Venkaiah Naidu- RajyaSabha- (Karnataka)

7 D. V. Sadananda Gowda -Bangalore North- (Karnataka)

8 Ram Vilas Paswan- Hajipur- (Bihar)

10 Kalraj Mishra- Deoria- (Uttar Pradesh)

11 Maneka Gandh -Pilibhit- (Uttar Pradesh)

12 Ananth Kuma -Bangalore South- (Karnataka )

13 Ravi Shankar Prasad -RajyaSabha- (Bihar

14 Ashok Gadpati Raju -Vizianagaram -(Andhra Pradesh)

15 Ananth Geete -Raigad- (Maharashtra)

16 Harsimrat Kaur -Bathinda- (Punjab)

17 Narendra Singh Tomar -Gwalior- (Madhya Pradesh)

18 Jual Oram -Sundargarh- (Odisha)

19 Thawar Chand Gehlot -Rajyasabha- (Madhya Pradesh)

20 Smriti Irani -RajyaSabha- (Gujarat)

21 Uma Bharti -Jhansi- (Uttar Pradesh)

22 Najma Heptullah- RajyaSabha- (Madhya Pradesh)

23 Radha Mohan Singh -Purvi Champaran- (Bihar)

24 Harsh Vardhan -Chandani Chowk- (Delhi)

Important Battles in the Indian History

Important Battles in the Indian History

1. 1st battle of Tarain--1191-- Prithviraj Chauhan defeated Mohammed Ghori

2. 2nd battle of Tarain--1192--Mohammad Ghori defeated Prithviraj Chauhan

3. 1st battle of Panipat--1526--Babar defeated Ibrahim Lodi

4. Battle of Khanwa--1527-- Babur defeated Rana Sunga further strengthening his foothold in India.

5. Battle of Ghaghra--1529--Babur defeated Mahmud Lodi and Sultan Nusrat Shah thus establishing Mughal rule in India.

6. 2nd battle of Panipat--1556--Akbar defeated Hemu

7. 3rd battle of Panipat--1761Ahmed Shah Abdali defeated the Marathas

8. Battle of Talikota--1565--Deccan Sultanates defeated the glorious Vijayanagar empire

9. Battle of Haldighati--1576--Undecisive battle between Raja Man Singh of Mughal Army and Rana Pratap of Mewar.

10. Battle of Plassey--1757--British defeated Siraj-ud-duala with the help of Mir Zafar. This battle laid the foundation of British empire in India.

11. Battle of Wandiwash--1760--British decisively defeated the French in India. The Seven years war (1756 - 1763) between the British and the French in Europe ran parallel to this war. 3 Carnatic wars were fought between the British and the French and this battle was a part of the 3rd Carnatic War.

12. Battle of Buxar--1764--British defeated the combined forces of Mir Qasim, Shuja-ud-duala (Nawab of Oudh) and Shah Alam II(Mughal emperor). This completed the work began by the battle of Plassey.

13. Battle of Samugarh--1658--Aurangzeb defeated Dara Shikoh.

14. Battle of Karnal--1739--Nadir Shah defeated Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah.

Abhimanyu Singh Yadav. All India Rank: 192.

Abhimanyu Singh Yadav. 

All India Rank: 192.

Q1. How did you choose you optionals?

As you know, my optionals were History and Philosophy. I had studied these subjects as a part of my degree course, so they were a natural choice. Actually I deliberately chose these subjects at the degree level keeping Civil Services Exam in mind.

Q2. What was your basis of choosing these two subjects then (at the degree level)?

I had Political Science, History and Geography at 10+2 level. According to the college rules I had to leave out one subject out of the three, so I left Political Science. It was an intuitive decision.

Q3.In how many attempts did you clear CSE?

I cleared the exam in four attempts. In my previous three attempts I cleared the Prelims but failed to clear Mains. My Service Preference was IAS, IFS, IRS, IPS, etc.

Q4. It means that you started early, since when you were motivated to be an IAS officer?

Since 1997, when I was in class 11th, I started preparing for it.

Q5. How do you feel now about not being an IAS officer?

Nothing bad, I am still preparing for the exam. I may be allotted IFS if the Supreme Court gives a favorable verdict in the pending case.

Q6. You took four attempts to clear the CSE. How did failure change you?

I was not serious in my first two attempts. As I took no coaching I had to find my way through the exam by myself, in this process I failed in CSE 2006. There after I gave a serious thought to my preparation and the result is in front of you.

Q7. What was the most crucial thing for you that turned failure into success?

Since I neither had a professional degree nor a backup job in case I failed in the CSE, it became a do or die situation for me. I started thinking about a career in Media but eventually my strong willpower sailed me through the CSE.

Q8. Since class 11th, is there any significant event that motivated you to join civil services?

Nothing specific, being a student of Arts I had only two options either Lectureship or Civil Services. I chose latter.

Q9. Please tell us something about your family background.

I was the first person in my family who went to a college and got a degree, all credits to my family. I lost my father in my childhood, he was a Police Sub-Inspector. My mother is a teacher. I have a younger brother also.

Q10. Coming to specifics, you cleared all your prelims, what was your strategy for prelims?

Nothing specific, I am very strong in Objective-type questions besides I hold a Masters degree in History.

Q11. What about the Main Examination?

I had no problems in GS, Essay or History. Philosophy, my second optional was the weak-spot for me, although I was selected I got very poor marks in it (271).

Q12. You consulted foreign universities for Philosophy, yet your score was low, how do you explain this? Is UPSC to be blamed? How many marks did you expect? Is the evaluation procedure up to the mark or scaling procedure faulty?

Actually we both are to blame for it. I started preparing for Philosophy very late (in august 2007), so I could not master the subject. The UPSC is also to be blamed especially for paper 2. The University Level in India is not matched with it.

Q13. Sir what is you opinion about coaching institutes?

They are all teaching crap especially in paper 2 of Philosophy. Nobody knows anything about this paper at least the coachings in Hindi medium. Chandmal, Patanjali, Drishti, etc. are just making money.

Q14. So you took coaching and were cheated by them? What about GS did you refer Vajiram, Sriram notes, etc.?

No I did not take coaching with them, I took the trial classes and in two days the story was clear. They themselves don’t know much about the subject. Even the knowledge they were imparting was not up-to-date. Yes I referred to Vajiram’s notes for GS but in 2005, not in the year of selection.

Q16. You said that the Philosophy level does not match to university level? is there a fault in the syllabus or paper setting or evaluation process or all of them?

I don’t blame scaling for it, however the other two factors are very much responsible for the fluctuations in marks. A majority of candidates have not read many topics given in UPSC syllabus at the university level. Even the evaluation procedure is not fair, I scored as high as 189 marks in philosophy paper2 in 2005 but it came down to 88 in 2006 and 115 in 2007. We can see exam centers Even our universities are to be blamed as they don’t take such subjects seriously.

Q17. So there is a scope for reforms?

Yes of-course. UPSC can disclose the answer-keys for Prelims. For Mains they may not open the scaling formula but they certainly can put up the answer-sheets of all the subject toppers. They should also share the social and economic background of the selected candidates.

Q18. You scored 213 in Interview, how did you prepare for the Personality Test? What role internet and especially this community played in it?

I never seem to fit in, there was always a mismatch between my background and my intellectual. In my college too, I had very few friends because of my knowledge, I knew more than twice about anything than others. I had always looked at every situation rationally, free from emotions and prejudices.

Joining this community was a blessing to me as it provided me the access to the best minds in the nation. This community is one of the best options for Interview preparation. The coaching institutes give you their half-baked knowledge.

Q19. Your score reflects that you had a very good time with the board. Tell us an interesting question or happening that you remember from it.

They asked me 20 questions on banking sector and I have no interest or background or any distant link with this field. But, the interesting part is, even then I was able to answer all of them.

Q20. Did you appear for the State PSCs as well? If, yes, of which states? Please tell us about your experience with the State PSCs. Is this option a good backup in case you fail in CSE?

I appeared for Rajasthan PCS in 2004 and I regret my decision. They were acting like stooges and behaving irrationally. Gyan Prakash Pilania, the ex-DGP of Rajasthan, was the Chairman of RPSC. He was also the Chairman of Rajasthan Jat Mahasabha, a caste-based organization, at that time. Later on he became a Rajya Sabha MP on BJP ticket. How can you feel or say that they are unbiased and not the stooges of the State government? If I get a chance in future, I will certainly give them a good grilling for their irresponsible behavior and try to make the process more open, transparent and unbiased.

Q21. Please tell us about the books you referred for GS, History and Philosophy.

GS with all available books in Hindi, as there is no good book for S&T or Economics in hindi I referred Wikipedia for it. History I studied with Delhi University books only. Philosophy too, I prepared with all available books and through internet.

Q22. What magazines and newspapers you read during your preparation?

Frontline, The Hindu, Vigyan Pragati, Wikipedia for economics and Science &Technology.

Q23. What was your daily schedule? How many hours of study you put in everyday?

Whatever time I had, I used it for studying. I usually studied for 13 to 15 hours daily. I did no other work than study.

Q24. Please tell us about your hobbies?

Meditation and reading literature were my hobbies.

Q25. Does general reading help in CSE?

Yes, if you read a lot you get so many ideas.

Q26. Is medium a problem in CSE?

Yes, sometimes, although I have no problem with English but there is no study material

For Economics, S&T and Philosophy Paper 2.

Q27. What’s the role of luck in CSE?

I never found Luck an important factor in my success or in anyways helpful for me. But yes for some it may work.

Q28. Is there any proverb or quotation that helped you during Civil Service Preparation?

Yes but in Hindi or perhaps Persian,

क्या हुआ जो हम हार गए अभी सभी कुछ तो ख़तम नहीं हुआ
हम फिर लडेंगे ,हौसला रखने वालो की कभी हार नहीं होती

Look at the lives of great personalities, one can say that they chose or made their destiny yet some can say that it was merely a twist of fate. Both are correct.

Q29. Sir you didn’t elaborate on the strategy at least give a small motivational message to the community.

I had not made a strategy, consciously, therefore I am not able to write it down but I can explain the process to all those who are curious through face-to-face interaction or through chatting, but you have ask the right questions to get the right answers.


****************GA QUESTIONS*******************

[1] Sania Mirza and her partner has won mixed doubles Trophy of US Open, Her partner was
A: Ishraf Tayip
B: Zaho Yuneli
C: James Rodriguez
D: Bruno Soares
Ans:(D) Bruno Soares

[2] Which Indian Player has announced its retirement from International competitions?
A: Sandeep Pujara
B: Pankaj Advani
C: Vijendra Singh
D: Abhinav Bindra
Ans:(B) Pankaj Advani

[3] Which Union Ministry has launched Know Your Rights Portal?
A: Ministry of Defence
B: Ministry of Railways
C: Civil Aviation Ministry
D: Ministry of External Affairs
Ans:(C) Civil Aviation Ministry

[4] Bhartendu Harishchandra Award is given in the field of?
A: Classical Dance
B: Drama
C: Cinema
D: Creative writing in hindi on Mass Communication
Ans:(D) Creative writing in hindi on Mass Communication

[5] Which committee has recently submitted its report on the status of deemed universities in India?
A: CNR Rao Committee
B: Thorat Committee
C: H Devaraj Committee
D: Tandon Committee
Ans:(C) H Devaraj Committee

[6] What is the name of the book written by Neel Mukherjee, the only person of Indian origin, to be nominated for Man Booker Prize 2014?
A: The Lives of Others
B: How to be Both
C: To Rise Again at a Decent Hour
D: None
Ans:(A) The Lives of Others

[7] Wales Declaration is related to which global summit?
A: G-7
B: G-20
Ans:(C) NATO

[8] Which state has launched need based development plan for villagers?
A: Rajasthan
B: Bihar
C: Gujarat
D: Delhi
Ans:(D) Delhi

[9] Who amongst the following was awarded the MIDORI Prize for Biodiversity, 2014?
A: Dr. Krishnaswamy Kasturirangan
B: Madhav Gadgil
C: R.K. Pachauri
D: R. Kamal Bawa
Ans:(D) R. Kamal Bawa

[10] Frank Walter Steinmeier is on India's visit. Of which country is he the foreign minister ?
A: Germany
B: Russia
C: France
D: Italy
Ans:(A) Germany

Go Ahead , And Achieve Your Dreams Isha Pant , IPS

Go Ahead , And Achieve Your Dreams 

Isha Pant , IPS

Isha is the youngest among four sisters. Her eldest sister is an IFS officer, second sister is a human resources professional and third sister is a squadron leader in the Indian Air Force.

It was a proud moment for Isha Pant who was awarded the best all-round Indian Police Service (IPS) probationer and won the Prime Minister’s baton and home ministry’s revolver at the 64th ‘Dikshant Parade’ at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy (SVPNPA) in the city on Friday.

“The academy welcomes you with open arms and I wish more and more women join the service,” the IPS officer from Bhopal, who has been inducted to the Madhya Pradesh cadre, said.

On being questioned about her vision for her cedar which enjoys the ignominy of leading the country for the number of rapes committed, Isha said, “As a woman, I will strive to take on the challenge of violence against women in my state. As female officers we are definitely more sensitive to the issues.”

The officer trainees were coached in different aspects of policing with the addition of two new papers on ‘internal security’ and ‘investigation- II’ which addresses the challenges of cyber crimes

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Vacancies in SBI for post of Probationary Officer

Apply Online for 2986 Probationary Officer Posts 2014: State Bank of India (SBI) has released notification for recruitment of 2986 Probationary Officers (POs) in Associate Banks of State Bank of India. Eligible Indian Citizens can apply online from 01-09-2014 to 18-09-2014.

SBI Vacancy Details:
Total No of Posts: 2986
Name of the Post: Probationary Officers

Age Limit: Candidates age limit should not be below 21 years and not above 30 years as on 01-09-2014, i.e candidates must have been born not earlier than 02-09-1984 and not later than 01-09-1993 (both days inclusive). Age relaxation will be applicable as per the rules.

Educational Qualification: Candidate should possess Graduation in any discipline from a recognised University or any equivalent qualification recognised as such by the Central Government. Candidate having integrated dual degree (IDD) certificate should ensure that the date of passing the IDD is on or before the eligiblity date.

Selection Process: Candidates would be selected based on their performance in Objective Test , Descriptive Test, Group Discussion and interview.

Application Fee: Candidates belongs to SC/ST/PWD category have to pay Rs.100/- (Intimation Charges only) and others have to pay Rs.500/- (Application fee and intimation charges), through online or offline methods.
Online Method: Fee payment will have to be made online through payment gateway available thereat. The payment can be made by using debit card/ credit card/ Internet Banking by providing information as asked on the screen. Transaction charges for online payment, if any, will be borne by the candidates.On successful completion of the transaction, e-receipt will be generated, take print out of it.
Offline Method: After submission of online application form take printout of the system generated fee payment challan immediately. Fee will be accepted from 2nd working day after registration and can be made within three working days at any branch of State Bank of India. On payment of the requisite fee through computer generated challan form, registration of the online application will be complete.

How to Apply: Eligible candidates can apply online through Bank’s website or from 01-09-2014 to 18-09-2014. After completion of registration process, take print out of the online application form & fee payment receipt and keep it for future purpose.

Instructions to Apply Online:
1. Before applying online candidates first scan their photograph and signature.
2. Visit Bank’s website or and open the appropriate Online Application Format, available in the ‘Careers with us’.
3. Fill the application carefully with all the details. Once the application is filled in completely, candidate should submit the data.
4. When the data is saved, a provisional registration number and password will be generated by the system and displayed on the screen.
5. Candidate should note down the registration number and password.
6.Candidates can re-open the saved data using registration number and password and edit the particulars, if needed.
7. After submission of online application form, proceed to Fee Payment.
8. Pay the fee online by using credit card/ Debit card or can pay offline method through printed challan form.
9. On sucessful completion of fee payment process, registration of the online application will be complete.
10. After completion of registration process, take print out of the application form and fee receipt/ e-receipt should be retained with the candidate for future reference.

Important Dates:
Starting date for Online Registration of Applications: 01-09-2014
Last date for Online Registration of Applications: 18-09-2014
Dates for Payment of fees through Online: From 01-09-2014 to 18-09-2014
Dates for Payment of fees through Offline: 03-09-2014 to 20-09-2014.
Date of Examination: November 2014.